7 Simple Ways To Express Your Spirituality In Your Daily Life

No matter what your age may be, spiritual life is always one of exploration and learning.  Without realizing it each day is an opportunity to grow and strengthen your faith in God. Are you wasting that opportunity?

If you feel like you  are struggling to include spiritual behaviors into your daily routine, here are  7 Simple Ways To Express Your Spirituality In Your Daily Life:

1. Remember to continually remind yourself to strive for spiritual growth

The spiritual life is not helpful if someone is no longer growing. Spirituality is growth. This speaks of discipline; of demanding progress of ourselves. If you want to feel like you are living the best life that you can, then you will need to push yourself in much the same way.Even the smallest steps done regularly grow momentum and become habits that help you grow.

2.  Practice tolerance and forgiveness of others

Someone who is living a spiritual life does not hold deep grudges and resentments against others. Instead, we need tolerance and patience with others, and this comes from a genuine humility–knowing that we have probably acted out in the same way that others might be doing.

3. View life as a lesson in prayer

Prayer is an essential way of becoming what God wants you to be.  Prayer is communication with God and although it does not have to be formally organised , prayer is something you should try to do every day.

4. Realize that everything you are: mind, body, and soul – are all gifts of God.

The body and the mind and the soul are all inter-connected. For example, you take care of the mind by always learning. You take care of your body by eating healthy meals and getting sleep and exercise. The soul is where we usually talk about spiritual life. You nurture your soul by always following spiritual teachings and understanding that your spiritual presence, guide or power is within you all the time.

5. Always hope and never succumb to despair.

Despite what you see on the news and read in the media, the world is still a good world with many possibilities. When we are faced with a challenge, always hope for the best. It is your hope grounded in your spiritual faith that empowers you and helps you get up each day with passion and drive.

6. Strive to always represent goodness

Believe that honesty, integrity and dignity matter more than anything else. Doing good is a much worthier and more satisfying goal than doing well. You have to be willing to give of yourself and some of what you have to others to achieve greatness and goodness.

7. Acknowledge life’s mysteries, even when your questions seem to have no answers.

Sometimes we simply cannot understand things that happen in our lives and to the people around us. This can be one of life’s greatest challenges when things just don’t seem to make sense. True faith means accepting that sometimes there are mysteries that only God truly understands and that He always knows what is best for us. Try to always  find peace in your faith and do not be afraid to seek support from others.

Reverend Bill

As an ordained minister, Reverend Bill has taught thousands of Christians from all walks of life all around the world how they can grow in their knowledge of themselves and God and live a more abundant life and faith.

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