Making Time For Jesus – Part 3 of 3

Welcome back to my article series “Making Time For Jesus” I’m so glad you came back to read more! Heres’s a quick summary of what we have been discussing  so far on how to make time for Jesus:

Part 1 – we discussed Making Time For Jesus at Home

So how do I make time for Jesus at home?
• Give thanks throughout the day.
• Give thanks for your home as you put away the laundry, empty the dishwasher, flip on the lights, and feel the water run down your back as you shower.
• Give thanks for those with whom you share your home and your daily life.

Part 2 – Making time for Jesus at work

Your commitment to Jesus is real and effective at work when you:
• Refuse to participate in office gossip and backstabbing.
• Give your best efforts to your work.
• Be above reproach.
• Make sure that whatever career path you choose it will not dishonor God or cause anyone to doubt the genuineness of your proclaimed faith.

and now to continue with…
Part 3 – Making Time for Jesus a Priority

Paper or plastic?
Debit or credit?
Sweet or unsweet…tea?
Hot or iced coffee?
We are all faced with multiple choices every single day of our lives. Most of them we make without putting much (if any) thought into what we’re doing. It’s as if we are on auto-pilot. But why do you make the choices you make?

The answer to that question is simple:

The choices we make are based on our wants or desires.

Now I know some of you are shaking your head in disagreement. Some of you are saying that many of the choices you make are out of necessity. You’d rather use the rent money for a vacation, but you don’t have a choice. You don’t want to take money out of savings to fix the air conditioner in your house but you have to.

Well actually NO!, really you don’t!

You don’t have to fix the air conditioner. People lived for centuries without it. You maybe have even grown up in a house without it, yet here you are alive and healthy. So no, you don’t have to fix it. You choose to fix it.

And as for rent vs. a vacation, you don’t have to pay the rent, but you don’t want to have to suffer the consequences of not doing so…so you do.

Making time for Jesus is also a choice you have to make.

It’s also a choice that is only yours to make.
It’s all a matter of priorities
Whether you make time to be the person Jesus has called you to be is up to you. It is up to you to make it a priority in your life…or not.

-Your food isn’t going to turn cold or rancid in the time it takes to offer a prayer of thanks.

-You won’t be asked to leave a restaurant for praying for your food, either.

-You cannot be forbidden from reading your Bible during your lunch hour or while sitting on a bench in the park while your kids play.

-Neither the grass nor the lawnmower will rebel if you wait until after church on Sunday to mow the yard.

-Your children won’t be banished from society if you refuse to allow them to play sports on Sundays instead of attending church.

-The laundry will still be there and the dog won’t suffer if you spend an hour or two serving on a church event or taking notes during the message at worship.

And do you want to know something truly amazing and marvelous?

Jesus promises that if we seek Him first, He will bless is with all these other things (less stress, time to get things done, purpose, abundance and more….)

It’s true! Jesus promises us that and when He makes a promise He keeps it. So as you plan your day—no…, plan your life—remember this:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. ~Matthew 6:33

Reverend Bill McBride,


Reverend Bill

As an ordained minister for over 40 years,Reverend BillMcBride has taught thousands of Christians from all walks of life all around the world how they can grow in their knowledge of themselves and God and live a more abundant life and faith.

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