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The Power of Christian Living Series

Reverend Bill McBride, Author, Publisher, Pastor, Ordained Clergy


What They Say about Rev. Bill

This was an amazing book written in a very simple manner but loaded with practical ways to discern God's will fir for your life, how to stay in God's will and how to make any changes at any point you feel you have veered off. A MUST read. There is too much at stake if you operate in your own understanding, relationships suffer, you miss opportunities and your spiritual growth suffers. This book far exceeded my expectations and is a true blessing.


If you're finding yourself at crossroads, and wondering where to turn to at your current point in life... you'll probably find that this book by Reverend McBride will shine some light, and help guide you in the right direction through the help of God


What’s Inside The Power of Christian Living Series?

Christian Focused Short Reads

Easy to read in one sitting short reads.

Biblical Based Studies

Solid teaching based on Bible stories.

Life Application lessons

Each short Read contains solid life applications and guidance.

About the Author

Reverend Bill McBride

Reverend Bill McBride has been a pastor and teacher for over 45 years. He began his Christian writings in 2013 when he and his wife formed a publishing company, Sun Bubbles Publishing LLC. He majored in Theology and Pastoral Studies at seminary. His "Short Reads" combine his life experiences with solid pastoral biblical application for the readers daily life, challenges and issues that relate to living the Christian Faith with power and conviction.

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