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2 BONUS audio files just released

I recently took two of my books and recorded mp3 audio files of the chapters. I thought you might like to listen as well as read my books.  All you have to do is follow the instructions below to download your mp3 files to your computer.


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Follow the Easy Instructions Below to get your two FREE audio books

No Sign Up Page & Nothing to Purchase. My gift to you today!



STEP 1 – Click Link below

Click the link below located under each audio file name to go to my Google Drive page

STEP 2 – Click Download Arrow

Click the download arrow which appears on your screen; on a Mac it appears at the top of the screen

STEP 3 – Download the mp3 Audio File

Click the “Download Anyway” button to download this zipped file to your computer.

You will have to unzip it first after it is downloaded to then listen to the mp3 chapters.

Don’t worry the file is virus free.

Each file is around 80mb, so depending on your Internet speed it make take a while to download.


  • Audio File 1 – Discovering God’s Will

    CLICK HERE to go to my Google Drive to get your audio mp3 file

  • Audio File 2 – How To Pray

    CLICK HERE to go to my Google Drive to get your audio mp3 file

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